Education and Research Fields and Faculty

KIDA Yuko, Professor

I specialize in clinical psychology. I am engaged in research on the process and therapeutic factors entailed in psychotherapy as well as the formation and pathology of personalities.

Keywords: Clinical Psychologypsychotherapytherapeutic Factors

KUROKAWA Mitsuru, Associate Professor

I specialize in the field of social psychology. With a focus on the issue of interpersonal conflicts, I am engaged in research on individual conduct and interpersonal relationships within groups, group activities, and the transmutative processes of groups.

Keywords: interpersonal conflictsgroup processescommunications

TSUBOMI Hiroyuki, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research in my laboratory focuses on human cognition, with specialinterest in visual consciousness, working memory, and selectiveattention. My approach to these cognitive functions is with thepsychophysics and functional neuroimaging (fMRI, ERP) to provide neuralbasis of these mental activities.

Keywords: visual consciousnessworking memoryselective attentionfMRIelectrophysiologyneuroimaging

IIJIMA Yuya, Ph.D., Lecturer

My laboratory specializes in clinical psychology with cognitive-behavioral approaches. In particular, my research focuses on the psychosocial issues related to school settings and the mental health of adolescents.

Keywords: clinical psychologycognitive-behavior approachschool counseling

JIKIHARA Yasumitsu, Ph.D., Lecturer

I specialize in clinical psychology. I am engaged in research on the relation between coparenting following divorce and how children adjust.

Keywords: divorceremarriageparenting timecoparenting

SHIGEMATSU Jun, Ph.D., Lecturer

My laboratory specializes in clinical psychology. Our research focuses on psychological problems such as stress, depression, and anxiety, using a cognitive-behavioral approach. In particular, the orientation of my research is to clarify psychotherapy mechanism using the perspectives of cognition and emotion.

Keywords: clinical psychologycognitive-behavioral approachpsychotherapy mechanisms


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