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SUZUKI Keiji, Professor

I specialize in the sociocultural history of ancient Japan. Along with dealing with the study of transportation and the study of historical records and engaging in literature-based research, I have also been kept busy in recent years traveling to various locations to investigate vistas, ruins, and relics.

Keywords: HistoryMt. Tateyama

NAGAMURA Yoshitomo, Ph.D., Lecturer

I am studying the relationship between the emperor and the warrior class during the late Heian period to the middle Kamakura period (12th to 13th centuries), and the historical narratives depicting them. I am also interested in the actual historical materials and the temples and museums that hold them.

Keywords: Japanese medieval historyHeian periodKamakura period

TOKUNAGA Yosuke, Professor

I am examining the characteristics of Chinese society, especially as it existed during the period of the Song and Yuan dynasties, from the perspective of the field of law. In particular one of the key themes that I am pursuing is an examination of the role that the control exerted over different ethnic groups played in enabling the law to be received and revised.

HAYASHI Miki, Ph.D., Lecturer

I specialize in Chinese Sui-T'ang History, especially focus on the Imperial guards called “the Northern Command” during the T'ang period. I am interested in the interaction between the military system and governance in the pre-modern dynasty of China.

Keywords: Chinese HistoryT'ang DynastyImperial guards

AOKI Kyoko, Ph.D., Professor

I specialize in Russian history from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century. In particular, I am interested in finding out what sort of society people lived in during that age.

Keywords: history of Russiapeasant familyinternal migration

ONO Naoko, Ph.D., Professor

As one who specializes in American history, I am particularly interested in clarifying the relationship between the human body and society.

Keywords: AmericaHistoryMedicine

IRIE Koji, Ph.D., Associate Professor

I specialize in Swedish history, and currently I am researching the Great Northern War (1700-1721) from a social perspective.
I am also interested in the art and artists of the early modern period and in Scandinavian rock music.

Keywords: European historyScandinavian historySweden

MINAMI Yuzo, Ph.D., Associate Professor

I specialize in modern and contemporary French history. In particular, I am engaged in research into nationalism, fascism and anti-Semitism. I’m also interested in the relations between mass media and war, or between power and people.

Keywords: European historyNationalismWorld War II

TSUGIYAMA Jun, Professor

I specialize in archaeology and explore social transformation between the Yayoi period and the Kofun period as seen from pottery. I am also interested in various sites and artifacts during the Asuka and the Nara period.

Keywords: ArchaeologyYayoi periodKofun periodPottery

TAKAHASHI Koji, Professor

I specialize in Japanese archaeology and in the Kofun (tumulus) Period in particular. With a focus on this era, I am engaged in research on the production and distribution of jade ornament and interactions between Hokuriku and other Japan Sea coastal areas.

Keywords: ArchaeologyJapanese ArchaeologyKofun PeriodLong distance exchange of Jade ornaments


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