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KAWASHIMA Takuma, Ph.D., Lecturer

I research on Japanese grammar and its history. In particular, I aim to clarify how the various grammatical forms in contemporary Japanese were established and have changed over time.

Keywords: Japanese grammarhistory of Japanesesyntaxgrammaticalization

TAMURA Syunsuke, Professor

I deal in medieval literature, especially in regards to the influence exerted on such pseudo-classical tales as “Morning Dew” (1362 to the early stages of the Muromachi Period) from Essays In Idleness, which were purported in the past to have been explosively circulated upon the commencement of modern times.

Keywords: Japanese medieval literaturepseudo-classical talesEssays In Idleness

FUJII Fumika, Ph.D., Lecturer

I am interested in the transition of “laughter” in the history of Japanese literature. My research is focused on the genealogy and characteristics of “hanashibon,” a style of literature, which continued to be composed throughout the early-modern period. In examining “hanashibon,” I pay special attention to the notation and expression.

Keywords: Early modern Japanese literatureHanashibonIllustrations in Japanese literature

WADA Tomomi, Ph.D., Associate Professor

I am investigating the roles played by novels in the spiritual lives of people on the Korean peninsula in the first half of the twentieth century. I am also seeking to uncover works that became outdated despite being popular at the time they were released, rather than simply focusing on works acclaimed to date as masterpieces.

Keywords: Korean LiteratureModernismthe colonial period

JOHO Satoshi, Ph.D., Associate Professor

I am engaged in research on Korean linguistics, especially morphology and syntax. I am also interested in the historical changes within the Korean language.

Keywords: Korean languagemorphologysyntaxhistorical linguistics

OHNO Keisuke, Professor

I am engaged in research on classical Chinese literature with a focus on the pre-Qin and Han periods. These days, I am examining the influence exerted on classical mythologies based on such literature as the Confucian classics and pre-Qin philosophy classics.

Keywords: classical Chinese literaturepre-Qin, mythologyConfucian classicspre-Qin philosophy classics

SAITO Hiroki, Ph.D., Professor

I am engaged in research with a focus on modern Chinese literature. While my main target is the author Shen Cong-wen, my other interests include Miao and other minority ethnic cultures and modern Chinese propaganda.

RYO Yuki, Associate Professor

I am researching modern Chinese literature. In particular, my research focuses primarily on Zhang Ailing (1920–1995), a female author active in urban Shanghai of the 1940s.

Keywords: Modern Chinese literature1940’sShanghai

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