Graduate School

Graduate School

The University of Toyama Graduate School of Humanities(Master’s Course)
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The Graduate School of Humanities at the University of Toyama was established to nurture interdisciplinary research skills, encourage the development of advanced specialty skills, and promote an international point of view. Specialties in 15 different fields within three academic fields can be attained.

Fields of Study in Each Area

Philosophy and History Behavioral and Social Sciences Language and Culture

Ethics and Religion


Intercultural Studies



International Relations


Cultural Anthropology

Japanese Language and Culture

Korean Language and Culture

Chinse Language and Culture

British and American Language and Culture

German Language and Culture

French Language and Culture

Russian Language and Culture

Given the importance we place on mutual cooperation, our curriculum emphasizes the connection between education and research in the following ways

  • Education for acquiring advanced systematic knowledge and practical ability in specified fields of Humanities.
  • Practical knowledge to get students interested in current society and develop an international outlook.
  • Cooperation with regional administrative agencies in terms of joint investigations and projects.

After completing graduate-level studies, students can move on to the following career options

  • Continue studying at the doctoral level.
  • Work as a specialist in fields that require intellectual skills, such as in educational or medical institutions.
  • Investigate and solve problems or promote regional development with an international organization.
  • Work abroad as a Japanese language instructor with an ability to take initiative in promoting international exchange and understanding.

The Graduate School of Humanities at the University of Toyama is seeking students who have the ability and willingness to follow one of these career paths.

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