British and American Language and Culture

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TSUNEKAWA Masami, Professor

I am engaged in research on the writings of E.M. Forster with a strong interest in the act of reading and the social concerns reflected therein.

Keywords: E. M. ForsterBritish LiteratureGreat Britain

YUKI Shiro, Associate Professor

I have an interest in the works of Irish writers, especially of James Joyce. And so as to read between the lines of their works as much as possible, I also become interested in the works of English writers in 19-20 century.

Keywords: English literatureIrish literatureJames Joyce

AKAO Chinami, Professor

My area of research is American cultural studies. I am especially interested in African American culture, such that seen in the work of Alice Walker and other Black women writers, and in hip hop music. My research also includes American movies, where I am currently focusing on the racial / sexual stereotypes seen in such Hollywood productions as the Star Wars and Alien movies.

Keywords: African American musicAfrican American literaturefilm studiesstereotypes

AKITA Mariko, Ph.D., Lecturer

I am engaged in research on 20th and 21st century American literature, especially novels written by Jewish American writers.

Keywords: American LiteratureJewish American literatureHolocaust

British and American Language and Culture

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