Education and Research Fields and Faculty

HINO Yukio, Professor

My goal is to construct a body of theory, studying the history of writing in the Japanese language. I am trying on various problems of the Japanese language at the Muromachi era.

Keywords: Japanese historygrammarquasi-nominal phrase

MORIGA Kazue, Professor

Research interests include philology, Chinese paleography, and the grammar of ancient Chinese. Current research focuses on the exegetics of Chinese Classics.

Keywords: Chinese philologyChinese paleographythe Thirteen Classicsexegesis

ANDO Tomoko, Ph.D., Associate Professor

I am interested primarily in phonological and phonetic phenomena and am currently engaged in theoretical and experimental analyses relating to the prosodic features of the Russian and Japanese languages.

Keywords: phonologyphoneticsprosody

FUJIKAWA Katsuya, Ph.D., Associate Professor

I am interested in the interface between the syntax and semantics of the English language, and I study various linguistic phenomena mainly from a semantic and cognitive point of view.

Keywords: semanticsfunctional syntaxlexical semanticscognitive linguisticsconstruction grammar

YAMAZAKI Keiko, Professor

I am pursuing research on Japanese language education from the viewpoint of the second language learning. I am considering how to support Japanese language learners, and how to design the language learning environment. I am also interested in research based on the analysis of Japanese language conversations, and try to analyze how people organize their relationships with each other.

Keywords: Japanese language educationthe second language learningLanguage learning environmentSupportAnalysis of Japanese language conversations


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