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To Future Students Who Hope to Study From Abroad


If you hope to enter or study short term with the School of Humanities or the Graduate School of Humanities at the University of Toyama, you should confirm in advance our course offerings by reading “A Guide to the School of Humanities” and the introduction on “Courses” on this website.  Furthermore, please consult with your school’s academic counselors and decide on a clear purpose for studying abroad and a specific study plan.

Also, please make preparations such as contacting the counselors whom you want to teach you and getting informal consent in advance before you turn in the official applications.

Information and Reference

And pages of each course linking to pages above After you get enough information, please follow the procedure mentioned below.

  • When you hope to enter school or graduate school →Refer to “a. When You Hope to Enter the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Toyama” “b. When You Hope to Enter the Graduate School of Humanities at the University of Toyama”.
  • When you are registered at a university that has an agreement with the University of Toyama and hope to study for a short period of time (within 1 year)→Refer to “c. When You Hope to Study in a Short Term”.
  • When you hope to study as a research student→Refer to “d. When You Hope to Study As a Research Student”.
  • When you hope to study at national expense by recommendation of your Embassy→Refer to “e. For International Students(Majoring in Japanese Language and Japan Culture)at National Expenses by Recommendation of Your Embassy”.

a. When You Hope to Enter the School of Humanities at the University of Toyama

When you hope to enter the School of Humanities at the University of Toyama, please peruse the “Application Guide (illustrating the eligibility requirements, exam subjects, criteria and so on)” on the “Admission Information” homepage of the University of Toyama, and complete the required procedures by the deadline.

b. When You Hope to Enter the Graduate School of Humanities at the University of Toyama

Please peruse the “Graduate School of Humanities, Undergraduate Selection” and “Graduate Selection” on the “Admission Information” homepage of the University of Toyama and complete the required procedures.
Judgment of the prospective student’s eligibility will be necessary.

eople who meet the criteria listed in(3)or(9)are eligible to apply

  • (3)People who have finished 16 years of formal education in a country other than Japan, or who will finish by March of the following year.
  • (9)People who come from countries where it takes less than 16 years to graduate from university, whom the Graduate School of Humanities has approved as having an equal or higher level of ability than that of university graduates, and who meet the following 2 requirements:
  1. People who have been engaged in study as research students or research workers for 1 year at university (either domestic or international) or an inter-university research institute corporation, etc., or who will have completed a year of research by 31 March of the year they hope to enter our school.
  2. People who will be 22 years old by 31 March of the year they graduate from university.

To judge a prospective student’s eligibility, the following documents will be required

  1. personal history (prescribed form)
  2. graduation (graduate expectation) certificate
  3. transcript
  4. certificate on registered matters (applicants who are already in Japan)
  5. other required documents
  6. self-addressed envelope(Use Japanese envelope長方3号 size 120×235cm with your address, name, and zip-code, and attach a 350 yen stamp)


Please submit the original of each document. Copies will be rejected. Documents in a language except Japanese should include a Japanese translation.

c.When You Hope to Study Abroad for a Short Period of Time

Students at universities that have agreements with the University of Toyama and the School of Humanities should consult the university staff in charge of academic exchanges. Students at these universities are eligible to take advantage of various scholarships. But as many of them have early deadlines, please start the application process as soon as possible so that there is enough time to prepare the required documents.

Exchange students who study for 1 year or less must meet the following requirements

  1. Students must be registered at universities which have academic agreements with us.
  2. Students must have the ability to take classes in Japanese (level of 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or higher).
  3. Students must have study plans which are possible to fulfill in the courses offered by the School of Humanities.
  4. Students must be able to pay for their living expenses. (You should bring about 50 thousand yen per month to cover your cost of living when you come to Japan.)
  5. Students must be in good shape.
  6. Students must have excellent academic grades.
  7. Students must study under the guidance of specific counselors and hand in a “completion report” by the deadline.

Students who satisfy these requirements should fill in the following sheet and send it to the Faculty of Humanities by the deadline.

  • Application For Admission (including your purpose of study and study plan)

Please mail your application to the following address:

Academic Affairs Section, the Faculty of Humanities, the University of Toyama 3190 Gofuku Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture 930-8555 JAPAN
Phone: +81-76-445-6138
Fax: +81-76-445-6142

Deadline <be very careful to observe>

The deadline will depend on whether you will start studying in April or October, so please be sure to refer to the teachers in charge at your university and send the application to the Faculty of Humanities by the deadline.

When there is more than one applicant from the exchange program at the same university, the university should note which student should have priority when applying for scholarship. For further information, refer to the documents sent to each university.

d. When You Hope to Study as a Research Student

When you hope to study as a research student, please inform us of your name, history, and address, along with the name of teacher you would like to study with, the reasons for your interest in our university, and your study plan.


If the teacher you want to ask for instruction agrees, we will conduct an interview by e-mail. Also, we will make sure that you fulfill various requirements (such as academic level, economic status, etc.). If conclude that you are acceptable [more polite: when you meet our requirements, you will be able to submit...], please submit the following documents to establish your eligibility for the exam:

  • Application for Advance Judgment
  • Certificate of Graduation or Completion
  • Certificate for Registered Matters (for applicants who already live in Japan)
  • Personal Reference
  • Transcript of EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) or 1st grade of Japanese Language Proficiency Test.(Except when it is not required by the counselors)

Junior college graduates (quasi-graduates or graduates from special courses in China) will not be eligible.
If you don’t satisfy these requirements, you can still study as a “Non-degree student”.

e. When You Hope to Study at National Expenses by Recommendation of Embassy

When you hope to study as a student (of Japanese language and culture) at national expenses by Embassy recommendation, you should start the procedure (such obtaining the Certificate of Informal Consent) after you pass the preliminary exam for Embassy recommendation. We can’t issue the Certificate of Informal Consent before you pass the first exam.

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