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Journals of Study by Short-term International Students

The School of Humanities at the University of Toyama accepts international research students of Japanese Language and Culture and short-term international students from universities with established exchange relationships every year. We organize their scholastic and research accomplishment as a “Bulletin of Short-term International Students”.

List of previously submitted reports

April 2007 - March 2008

  • A Study of Anti-South Korean Syndrome
  • Restraint of Japan TV Drama on non-satellite broadcasting in South Korea
  • Sightseeing -Visiting South Korean Drama-
  • A Study of “The Restaurant That Has Many Orders” by Miyazawa Kenji
  • A Consideration of Onomatopoeias and Mimetic Words of Chinese and Japanese -A Study of “Kitchen” by Yoshimoto Banana-
  • Transition of Clothes Worn by Japanese Girl Students -History of Japanese Clothes and Westernization of Dress-
  • “An Analysis of Abuse of -koto” and “-mono” -Through a Survey of International Students-
  • NISSAN Revolution -Why Japanese Couldn’t-
  • Change of Proverbs in Iroha Cards
  • China and Japan during the Administration of Koizumi
  • (Comparison of Education between South Korea and Japan)
  • (Network Society and Globalization)


  • Birth of Kamakura Shogunate
  • Recognition of South Korean Syndrome by South Korean Government
  • International Exchange of the Youth between South Korea and Japan
  • Why Miyazawa Kenji Is So Popular in Japan
  • A Japanese view of Russia
  • Thinking on the Future in Essays and Novels by Komatsu Sakyo
  • Japanese-Style System of Business as a Form of Community
  • Japan’s Diplomacy toward America since the 1990s


  • Prevalence of Christianity in Japan and South Korea
  • Truancy in Japan’s Junior High Schools
  • Popularity of South Korean Culture in Japan
  • Different Meanings of the Same Forms in Chinese and Japanese
  • Comparison of Invitation of Nuclear Waste Disposal Sites -Through Affairs in South Korea and Japan-
  • Probability of Improvement Japan-South Korea Relationship through Public Cultural Exchange


  • Deregulation of Japanese Pop Cult in South Korea
  • A Study of Today’s Japanese Youth Building Walls around Themselves through “Neon Genesis EVANGELION”
  • Problems Facing Japanese Working Women
  • Transfer of Japanese People’s Travel Abroad since Deregulation
  • Economic Assistance of Northeast Asia
  • Emphasis Tag Particle in Discourse
  • Japanese Reading of Chinese Characters -Tracing Back to Chinese Classics-
  • Characteristics of Faith in Mountains in Japan -Focus on Mt. Tate-


  • Francisco de Xavier in Japan
  • Analysis of Problem Confronting Koreans Living in Japan
  • Characteristics of Travel Abroad for Modern Japanese
  • Functions of Polite Prefix “o-” and “go-”


  • Meaning of “ASEAN+3 meeting” in the Current Relationship between Japan and South Korea -From Press Release-
  • Comparison of the Future Courses of Japan and China
  • View of Nature in “Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind”
  • Proper Use of “ha” and “ga”
  • Japanese Policy of Accepting International Students-How We Evaluate “Project on Welcoming 100,000 Students from Overseas”

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