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Campus Life

The Humanities School is proud of the deep relationship that exists between its teachers and students. 2nd year students can choose their course of study, around which their campus life revolves. There are opportunities for students to study outside of class, such as the study trip and camps held by each course. In addition, friendly sports competitions are held to promote a collegial atmosphere. In the School of Humanities building, there is a relaxation space for students to gather and spend time together.

Also, in many courses, you can feel free to use seminar rooms and laboratories. Students often use these rooms to have lunch and take a break over tea. On campus, there is a university library, a co-op shop where books and commodities can be bought, and a co-op cafeteria with ATMs for both banks and the post office. These amenities will make your campus life more convenient.

University of Toyama School of Humanities

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