International Exchange

6. Journals of Study by Short-term International Students 

 The School of Humanities at the University of Toyama accepts international research students of Japanese Language and Culture and short-term international students from universities with established exchange relationships every year. We organize their scholastic and research accomplishment as a “Bulletin of Short-term International Students”. The following is a list of previously submitted reports:


April 2007 - March 2008
A Study of Anti-South Korean Syndrome
Restraint of Japan TV Drama on non-satellite broadcasting in South Korea
Sightseeing -Visiting South Korean Drama-
A Study of “The Restaurant That Has Many Orders” by Miyazawa Kenji
A Consideration of Onomatopoeias and Mimetic Words of Chinese and Japanese
-A Study of “Kitchen” by Yoshimoto Banana- 
Transition of Clothes Worn by Japanese Girl Students–History of Japanese Clothes and Westernization of Dress-
“An Analysis of Abuse of -koto” and “-mono”-Through a Survey of International Students-
NISSAN Revolution-Why Japanese Couldn’t- 
Change of Proverbs in Iroha Cards
China and Japan during the Administration of Koizumi
(Comparison of Education between South Korea and Japan)
(Network Society and Globalization)


Birth of Kamakura Shogunate
Recognition of South Korean Syndrome by South Korean Government
International Exchange of the Youth between South Korea and Japan
Why Miyazawa Kenji Is So Popular in Japan
A Japanese view of Russia
Thinking on the Future in Essays and Novels by Komatsu Sakyo
Japanese-Style System of Business as a Form of Community
Japan’s Diplomacy toward America since the 1990s


Prevalence of Christianity in Japan and South Korea
Truancy in Japan’s Junior High Schools
Popularity of South Korean Culture in Japan
Different Meanings of the Same Forms in Chinese and Japanese
Comparison of Invitation of Nuclear Waste Disposal Sites
   -Through Affairs in South Korea and Japan-
Probability of Improvement Japan-South Korea Relationship through Public Cultural Exchange


Deregulation of Japanese Pop Cult in South Korea
A Study of Today’s Japanese Youth Building Walls around Themselves through “Neon Genesis EVANGELION” 
Problems Facing Japanese Working Women
Transfer of Japanese People’s Travel Abroad since Deregulation
Economic Assistance of Northeast Asia
Emphasis Tag Particle in Discourse
Japanese Reading of Chinese Characters-Tracing Back to Chinese Classics-
Characteristics of Faith in Mountains in Japan-Focus on Mt. Tate-


Francisco de Xavier in Japan
Analysis of Problem Confronting Koreans Living in Japan
Characteristics of Travel Abroad for Modern Japanese
Functions of Polite Prefix “o-” and “go-”


Meaning of “ASEAN+3 meeting” in the Current Relationship between Japan and South Korea -From Press Release-
Comparison of the Future Courses of Japan and China
View of Nature in “Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind
Proper Use of “ha” and “ga”
Japanese Policy of Accepting International Students-How We Evaluate “Project on Welcoming 100,000 Students from Overseas”