European Languages and Cultures

MIYAUCHI Nobuko, Professor
My major is modern German literature. I would like to ascertain the appeal behind poems, novels, plays, and other linguistic works by reading such works with a particular focus on the words used therein. I am currently studying Georg Christoph Lichtenberg's work.
Keywords: German literature, humor, wordplay


KURODA Kiyoshi, Professor
I am engaged in research on mechanisms that allow the meanings of complex verbs and especially separable and inseparable verbs to be formed.
Keywords: complex verbs, separable verbs, inseparable verbs


ABE Yoshinori, Associate Professor
Historical study of German, espesially syntactic change in the period of Early New High German (Fruehneuhochdeutsch) and history of German orthography (Rechtschreibung).
Keywords: word order (Wortstellung), frame construction (Rahmenkonstruktion), orthography (Rechtschreibung)


NAKAJIMA Toshie, Professor
French poetry of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I am especially interested in the influence of Charles Baudelaire on Lafcadio Hearn and on Renée Vivien.
Keywords: French modern poetry, 19th century, Baudelaire, Hearn, Vivien


UMEZAWA Aya, Ph.D., Associate Professor
French literature of the nineteenth century. Representation of marginal people (criminal, poor, "degenerate"…)
Keywords: French literature, Criminology, Psychiatry


NAKAZAWA Atsuo, Professor, Philology
Course: Russian Literature, History of Russian Culture, History of Russian National Identity
Research Field: Eastern Slavic Philology. Old Russian Literature
Research Interests: Old Russian Literature and Chronicles of the 11th-17th Centuries; Russian Folk Culture of Medieval and Modern Times
Keywords: Early Slavic Philology, Eastern Slavic Philology, Old Russian Literature, Old Russian Chronicles, Russian Folk Culture


TAKEDA Akifumi, Associate Professor
I am studying Russian literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries from the perspective of the development of cultural traditional consciousness that appeared in poetry and novels.
Keywords: Russia, Modern Russian literature

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