Intercultural Studies


YOSHIDA Toshinori, Professor
I have chosen to focus my research efforts on examining the cultures and societies of Russia and Eastern European countries from the onset of the modern era. Classes relating to, among others, cultural exchanges between Japan and Russia via Siberia and the Far Eastern Region and ethnic problems in the multiethnic states of the Soviet Union and Russia are offered.
Keywords: Russia, Siberia, Eastern European Countries


SUZUKI Nobuaki, Professor
I specialize in the history of social ideas in modern Korea. These days, I am also interested in maps produced during the Korean dynastic age.
Keywords: Korean history, Korean west learning history, Korean map learning history


SUEOKA Hiroshi, Professor
I am engaged in research on the history of thought in modern China, the history of cultural exchanges between modern China and Japan, and the process by which the scientific culture of Europe and the United States has been propagated to the cultural sphere of East Asia in the modern era.
Keywords: history of Chinese Philosophy, modern Chinese thought, cultural exchanges between modern China and Japan


SAITO Hiroki, Ph.D., Professor
I am engaged in research with a focus on modern Chinese literature. While my main target is the author Shen Cong-wen, my other interests include Miao and other minority ethnic cultures and modern Chinese propaganda.


AOKI Kyoko, Ph.D., Associate Professor
I specialize in Russian history from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century. In particular, I am interested in finding out what sort of society people lived in during that age.
Keywords: history of Russia, peasant family, internal migration


ONO Naoko, Ph.D., Associate Professor
As one who specializes in American history, I am particularly interested in clarifying the relationship between the human body and society.
Keywords: America, History, Medicine


FUKE Takahiro, Ph.D., Associate Professor
My research focuses on the intellectual and cultural history of modern Japan.

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