Socio-Cultural Studies

SATO Yutaka, Ph.D., Professor
I am endeavoring to conduct sociological analyses of discriminatory problems, including discrimination against people with physical handicaps, gender discrimination, and discrimination against outcast people. The methodology used for social surveys is also a subject of my research activities.


ITO Tomoki, Ph.D., Associate Professor
I am engaged in research on the processes by which people who have experienced, among others, alcoholism, the loss of someone to whom they are close, and stuttering are able to change by talking about themselves in self-help group settings.
Keywords: self-help group, narrative, qualitative research


OHNISHI Koji, Associate Professor
I am engaged in research on children's living space and child care services from a geographical viewpoint. These days, I am also interested in urban planning .


SUZUKI Koshiro, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Like disagreement in whaling or south-north problems, many socio-cultural issues can be understood as geopolitics among their stakeholders. My field of concern is to clarify their motivative mechanisms and to seek their preferable solusions. Dimensions include (1) struggles over Tomonoura public project among local residents, between local government and intellectuals, (2) world heritage inscription and tourism development, (3) cultural diversity in cognitive mapping.
Keywords: Social geography , Tourism studies , Cognitive mapping at socio-cultural level, Critical cartographyMusical history in modern french era


FUJIMOTO Takeshi, Ph.D., Professor
Based on anthropological fieldwork mainly in Ethiopia, he studies the dynamics between society and ecology in African mountain communities. Considering a sustainable society, he has discussed such topics as: crop diversity fluctuations, wild resource uses, settlement abandonment, herder-farmer conflict, cooperative labor, ethnohistory, and so on, He has also started research in Japan.


NOZAWA Toyoichi, Ph.D., Associate Professor
My research has mainly been focused on music (or performing arts) in social lives of people. I have conducted fieldwork on Black Pentecostal churches in the US, traditional music-dance practices in Uganda, and traditional performing arts in Hokuriku.


TAKEMURA Taku, Professor
I study the historical structure of international relations through unusual approaches. For example, I use a historical-structural analysis approach to reexamine the concept of the Cold War or of national security. I also focus on stats without huclear arms. Maybe it seems a little bit deviant.
Keywords: Human Security , Central America, East Asia U.S., Policies toward Latin America


HAYASHI Natsuo, Associate Professor
I am engaged in research on the effects of the cross-border movements of people and cultures as a phenomenon of cultural exchanges on modern international relations, with a particular focus on cultural exchange policies in Japan-South Korea relations.
Keywords: international relations, Japan-ROK (South Korea) relations, international cultural exchange


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