Human Sciences

NAGAI Tatsuo, Professor
I am engaged in research on ancient Greek philosophy with a primary focus on Aristotle. In particular, I am pursuing a number of issues in Aristotle's Physics.
Keywords: philosophy, ancient Greek, Aristotle, nature


IKEDA Shinji, Ph.D., Associate Professor
I work mainly on Leibniz and in Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics in Early Modern Europe. The areas or problems which I am especially interested in are Ideas of Mathesis Univesalis, Theories of Space, and Problems of Imagination.


MATSUZAKI Ippei, Professor
With a focus on reading the books of Augustine of Hippo (354–430), I am examining the human perspectives found in Western classics as the source of such culture and in the Christianity of the Middle Ages.
Keywords: The Confessions, Christianity in Late Antiquity, Fathers of the Church


TABATA Mami, Ph.D., Professor
I am studying theories of human social well-fare with a focus on Japanese Buddhism and Confucianism.
Keywords: Confucianism, Ethics, Japan


SAWADA Tetsuo, Ph.D., Associate Professor
In order to clarify the possibilities and impossibilities of human being from the view of philosophical anthropology, I am studying mainly Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology.
Keywords: Phenomenology, Philosophical Anthropology, Pathology


KUREBITO Megumi, Ph.D., Professor
I am engaged in fieldwork-based descriptive research on northern languages, especially the Koryak language of northeastern Siberia, I also try to analyze various grammatical phenomena of this language from a linguistic typological perspective.


HINO Yukio , Professor
My goal is to construct a body of theory, studying the history of writing in the Japanese language. I am trying on various problems of the Japanese language at the Muromachi era.


YAMAZAKI Keiko, Professor
I am pursuing research on Japanese language education from the viewpoint of the second language learning. I am considering how to support Japanese language learners, and how to design the language learning environment. I am also interested in research based on the analysis of Japanese language conversations, and try to analyze how people organize their relationships with each other.
Keywords: Japanese language education, the second language learning, Language learning environment, Support, Analysis of Japanese language conversations


ANDO Tomoko, Ph.D., Associate Professor
I am interested primarily in phonological and phonetic phenomena and am currently engaged in theoretical and experimental analyses relating to the prosodic features of the Russian and Japanese languages.
Keywords: phonology, phonetics, prosody


KIDA Yuko, Professor
I specialize in clinical psychology. I am engaged in research on the process and therapeutic factors entailed in psychotherapy as well as the formation and pathology of personalities.
Keywords: Clinical Psychology, psychotherapy, therapeutic Factors


KUROKAWA Mitsuru, Associate Professor
I specialize in the field of social psychology. With a focus on the issue of interpersonal conflicts, I am engaged in research on individual conduct and interpersonal relationships within groups, group activities, and the transmutative processes of groups.
Keywords: interpersonal conflicts, group processes, communications


TSUBOMI Hiroyuki, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Research in my laboratory focuses on human cognition, with specialinterest in visual consciousness, working memory, and selectiveattention. My approach to these cognitive functions is with thepsychophysics and functional neuroimaging (fMRI, ERP) to provide neuralbasis of these mental activities.
Keywords: visual consciousness, working memory, selective attention,fMRI, electrophysiology, neuroimaging


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